Your designer is not your event planner

Very often clients tend to believe that their event designer is also their wedding planner; that is false, it is not the case !!!  

You should not expect your decorator to coordinate with the other vendors and the venue. I realized that there is a misconception of what the decorator does versus what the planner does. It’s as if you expect your photographer to turn into your therapist during your nervous breakdown or your make up artist helping you with you dress during your photo sessions.

Do not get me wrong there are a few similarities such as a highly creative mind, an eye for details, and them wanting you to love every element of your event and their ability to do what it takes to give such satisfaction. But the differences are much greater and will allow you to really evaluate the role and importance of each.

Your planner will create an event that flows effortlessly, while your designer will create a stunning display of aesthetic details that neither you nor your guests will forget.


  • These professionals not the self proclaimed ones are focused on your event’s logistics from months prior to the day of the wedding.

  • They help you choose the right vendors, and negotiate with them based on budget.

  • From timelines to family relationships, budget and details in contract with each vendor event planners know every last detail about your event.

  • They are not necessarily responsible of the visual display of the event.
  • Your planner will orchestrate your rehearsal the night before if needed and will be on hand from the moment vendors begin setting up until the final vendor breaks down at the end of your reception on your wedding day.
  • You have the option of working with your planner for a varied amount of time. Sometimes a year in advance.
  • Your planner should be the first person on site during the event and among the last ones to leave, after doing inventory and making sure everyone wrapped up as scheduled.


  • Event designers are focused on creating stunning visual displays at your wedding.
  • Your designer may or may not have a relationship with the other vendors.
  • These pros will personally source the best linens, flowers, and details (think: escort cards, table numbers, signage, cake toppers, etc) for your event in order to bring your design to life. Sometimes that means creating the details by hand!
  • Your event designer’s prime purpose is to transform your space. While many stylists will create contracts that allow them to collaborate with your photographer to style your event details for photos later in the day.
  • Most designers will leave once set up is complete and will return at the end of the night to pick up their materials.

Now don’t get me wrong it is also possible for a wedding planner to also be your decorator but make sure to clarify when booking that you need both services.

A planner who is also a designer will have the unique ability to fill the role of both professionals with the help of an assistant or two. The major benefit is you’re able to work with one professional who will truly know your likes, dislikes, and greatest wishes for your wedding day by heart, especially that the decoration is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. They’re experts at sourcing the best details, designing florals, creating event timelines, and styling each element to perfection while keeping every vendor on track, aligned with the event’s vision.