A wedding DJ has a very important role in the big day. Besides music, he is responsible for conducting the schedule and the flow of the wedding and reception along with the MC also known as an emcee. He is the lifeblood of the party.

Wedding music can set the pace and mood for a wedding reception. DJ should be involved in making the itinerary and know everything that is going on. The only way this can happen is when they have a good working relationship with the wedding planner or the bride and groom.

The first step in establishing the role of a DJ in a wedding is to choose the right one for you. 
Ask your DJ if he/she has done weddings at your reception site before. It helps if they know the wedding venue, how to get there and have a familiarity with the staff. Your DJ may also then be better prepared to deal with issues with the venue or staff.

It’s also important to know who will be the actual DJ of the wedding. If there is a preference for who you want to be there, be sure it’s in the contract.

Some DJs will have a list of songs they typically play but the bride and groom should primarily approve it. Couples will commonly allow the DJ to choose at least 50 percent of the music. 

You want a wedding DJ who can adapt to any crowd. It’s apparent that spending the time to choose a DJ that matches your vision for the event can be the key to a day to remember.

The guests might not remember when or where the wedding happened but they will surely never forget how much fun they had.

Here are a few most common choices for welcoming the newlyweds:

  • Don’t you worry child by Swedish House Mafia
  • Tonight’s gonna be a good night by Black Eyed Peas
  • Put your hands up in the air by Danzel

Here are a few common choices for first dance:

  • I heart you by Harmonik
  • Se paw’ mwen ye by T-Vice
  • Tu es mon soleil by Princess Lover
  • Se ou mwen Vle by Carlitow ft Jude

But I must say a wedding is not a party if the DJ doesn’t drop

  • Kè’m pa sote by Boukman Eksperyans
  • Team Lobey Hit Carnaval Song
  • Any type of Wanna related beat

Surprised? Well I sure was until I found myself dancing too !!!