The Drama of Halloween

Ghosts, fairies, and demons all part of the dark and dread; people gathered to sacrifice animals, fruits, and vegetables, lighting bonfires in honor of the dead, to aid them on their journey, and keep them away from the living.

For Haiti’s Protestants, Catholics and Voodoo practitioners, the Day of the Dead includes festivities similar to other countries that celebrate All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day as part of the holiday on November 1 and 2. Since the legalization of Voodoo in 2003, Haiti’s Day of the Dead most public celebrations tend to focus mostly on Guede, the Lwas (spirits) of the dead and Baron Samdi, who is the gatekeeper to the afterlife.

Needless to say Events with Halloween as a theme will most likely come off as scary, creepy and dark.

Nowadays Halloween is becoming once again an adult holiday or masquerade, like Mardi Gras with parties in bars, clubs requiring a costume. Decoration for such event will tend to be black, purple, red with lots of spider webs, coffins, skeletons, candles, tombstones, skulls, and monstrous bats dangling as a horrific chandelier piece on top of our heads. Lighting will vary from shades of red to blue hues and lots of black lights and smoke creating this dramatic dark ambiance enhancing the theme and the guests’ costumes.

Hosting a private Halloween Party, or spicing things up at home for your kids, the more ghoulish the food, the better. Well that doesn’t sound appetizing at all!!! Would you like a side of pickled brains with witch’s fingers to go with it? Quench your thirst with some blood red juice with eyeballs?

free shotsThe other world is the main inspiration that becomes our world during those nights of Halloween Parties and Festivities.

In so doing, they are reaffirming death and its place as a part of life in an exhilarating celebration of a holy and magic night.

Did I say Magic Night? More like Extremely Dramatic Night!!!