Creating a WOW visual experience is an important aspect to be considered for any type of function or party. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive but adding fresh flowers, setting your tables properly, hanging some fabrics from a wall will show your guests that you went the extra mile to be a great host of a memorable event.

Why is decoration so important to a great function. Depending on the venue or the type of party, ” It enhances the image of the party as well as the host’s or promoter’s, as it sets a certain ambiance for the guests who will always remember this event among others as you are allowing them to live another WOW moment” said KonfettiDecor’s CEO and Artistic Director M. Gaël Joseph

While you don’t want to go completely overboard, you do want to create a warm and a welcoming atmosphere that will set the tone of the spirit of the event and put the participants in the correct mood, and design and surroundings are one of the key elements that will contribute to the success of the event.

Also, bear in mind that some decorations can actually even become a part of entertainment and can also be interactive. These can include chocolate fountains, fresco or papita merchants, fire pits, and as in one case, painted models standing in various poses at various locations, even the dress code can bring added value to it all.

It will create a lasting effect giving your party a better review than any others, but a party will never be a total HIT without a good preparation including all must have suppliers such as caterers, bartenders, disc jockeys, and of course a great HOST

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