KonfettiDecor is considered as one of the leading event specialists in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, operating also in the different provinces.

Founded in August 2005 by Angie Menuau and Gael Joseph, KonfettiDecor’s main focus was hosting events and promoting club parties by designing flyers, promotional campaign and providing decorations mostly fabric and elements such as lanterns and balloons.

With a degree in Arts and Computer Graphics, Gael was able to pass on his knowledge to a trained staff, applying these techniques and developing better skills with time and experience. Whereas Angie would on her side, structure the company with her managerial and administrative competence and expertise.

Over the past years, we have learned to understand every need and desire of our customers and drawing a clear view from there. Our capable and efficient team of twenty-three technicians and four supervisors, with their ability and will power make it possible to complete an undertaken task successfully. Their hard work and skills have allowed us to offer services adapted to the specific requirements of the client.

Within a few years of applying new concepts, the company’s growth became impossible to ignore on the market, as more and more people and businesses were seeking one or many of our services.

With such great opportunities, improving the quality of our services and diversity of materials used remained our main concentration.

For bigger events or venues the regular crew coordinates with volunteers or additional staff and assists them all in the effort to make the event a successful one.

We also offer our clients easy payment methods such as cash, check, wire transfer or direct deposit as per their convenience.

Payments by credit or debit card accepted via PayPal

Get in touch with us for Booking informations, to request a quote or for any other inquieries about our services. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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